Post graduate researchers

Cristina Bondavalli, PhD, Ecology


Reasearch interests: network analysis, food web theory, ecosystem ecology.

Graduate Students

Daniel Filipe da Silva Pereira

Research interests: qualitative modelling of complex ecological systems.

 Lab Alumni

Stefano Allesina Full Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolution,

Computation Institute, University of Chicago


PhD, Ecology. Thesis: “Ecological Flow Networks: Topological and Functional features”

Research interests: mathematical, statistical and computational methods for theoretical ecology

Nicola Clerici, Full Professor, University del Rosario, Bogotà, Colombia


PhD, Ecology. Thesis: “Monitoring and assessing fire impacts and land cover change in tropical and subtropical ecosystems using satellite remote sensing and GIS techniques”

Research interests: landscape ecology, ecosystem services

Marco Scotti, Researcher GEOMAR Helmholtz Zentrum für Ozeanforschung, Kiel, DE

PhD, Ecology. Thesis:”Single species features in ecological networks”

Research interests: Food web theory and ecological network analysis

Marta Rocchi,

Marta Rocchi

PhD, Evolutionary Biology and Ecology. Thesis:” Ecosystem response to perturbations: insight from qualitative analysis”

Research Interests: Food web theory, ecological and social network analysis, qualitative modelling in cultural environments.