La grande Danza (The Great Dance) is a project in which I’m playing drums for Maria Teresa Lonetti, an extremely creative folk singer and author. Not only folk music in the CD, but also jazz contaminations, fusion, pop.

The River Project

It is a project in which I play drums with the composer and guitarist Nicola Perfetti and Luca Fruzzetti at the bass guitar. The CD has taken shape following the idea of composing a “quasi-soundtrack” for a project conceived by an italian cultural organization named Briciole (italian word for crumbs) whose aim was disentagling the intimate link between people and their territory as mediated by the water springs. To bring that project to a completion Briciole asked three musicians (Nicola Perfetti, Antonio Bodini, Luca Fruzzetti) to write and play original music to evoke the atmosphere of the springs. The songs, all composed by Nicola Perfetti, reveal their musical references ranging from Ry Cooder to italian songwriters, from traditional jazz to desert rock.

Lambretta Boom

Music and readings in this project whose aim was to rewind the tape to the late 50s early 60s of the past century, when economic development took ground in Italy and the new age of liberty after the second world war coincided with an age of the “possible”.

Gocce was a series of readings with a soundtrack taken from the River project (see above in this page). It was dedicated to the water and its importance both as vital resource and a symbol for the human society. The readings highlight the anthropological importance of water as it is a primary element that shapes the cultural environment of human beings and whose multiple meanings are progressively being extirpated in favor of something of mere economic value. Water has become a commodity and the project was conceived to counteract this perverse tendency. Water for life and not for profit!!!

Video recoreded at Palazzo Forti (Carrara) when we presented “Gocce”. The piece here is entitled “Gli alpinisti all’ingiĆ¹” which can be translated as “The climbers upside-down”