The Municipality of Parma has recently launched the project of a new bicycle lane that will run along the bank of the Parma river. The Parma river flows throughout the city and divides it in two parts. It acts as an ecological corridor that hosts a high variety of species, this creates an unusual case of a city center that is visited by a vast array of wild animals.

Roe deer caught while feeding in the Parma river bank. Image taken by A. Beseghi

The new bicycle lane will attract people with their domestic dogs, producing a strong disturbance to the wildlife so that many animal species will be forced to abandon this unique environment. Because of this, I wrote a critics to the project, arguing about its rationale and showing that the rules of the urban planning imposes constraints to this project. The article is written in Italian.

On April 17, 2019 I was asked to present a book entitled “Animali tra i Ponti” written by prof. A. Parisi, of the University of Parma. The book is a recognition of the biodiversity hosted by the Parma riverine environment. The image below shows the speakers who took part in the presentation.

Form left to right: M. Dall’Acqua, editor; myself; F. Zanichelli, natural scientist, former director of the Tuscany archipelago national park; L. Dello Sbarbo, coordinator of the Woman Association for the Environment; R. Parma, photographer who provided the images for the book.