From June 13 to June 15 2017, the Universtiy of Parma, Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability hosts the 5th Summer School on ecological networks. Aimed at introducing  network science to PhD students and post-docs this edition puts particular emphasis on ecological networks. Analysis of energy flow networks and food webs will be combined with applications of qualitative modelling to networks of ecological communities. The school is part of the PhD program in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology that group three Universities: Parma, Ferrara and Florence


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The program of the School



Antonio Bodini


Antonio Bodini is  PhD in ecology and his interests are mainly in the field of qualitative modelling of complex systems. He is senior researcher in the Dept. of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Sustainability, University of Parma and teaches ecological networks to undergraduate students. He is member of the PhD program in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, and in this framework he organizes the summer school on networks. His interest in networks began when at Harvard School of Public Health for his PhD became in contact with Richard Levins and worked on the qualitative analysis of ecological systems. He enlarged his experience with networks working as visiting scientist with Robert Ulanowicz at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, Maryland.


Ferenc Jordan

Ferenc summer school 2016

Jordan’s key interest is biological networks, including food webs (keystone species), landscape graphs (key habitats and corridors), animal social networks (linking group structure to group dynamics), protein and microbial interaction networks. Ferenc was an assistant professor at the Department of Genetics, Eötvös University (1999-2002), a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Ecology and Plant Taxonomy, Eötvös University (2002-2003), an associate professor at the Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2003-2006) and a research professor at the Animal Ecology Research Group of HAS (2007-2008). He was also a Junior Fellow (2000/2001) and Branco Weiss Fellow (2003-2008) at the Collegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Study. The latter was supported by the Society in Science foundation, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland. Ferenc has given a number of talks in different countries (from India to Taiwan and from the US to South Africa) and maintains a rich network of collaborators in ten countries. He was a participant in the Darwinian Homeland Security workshop organized at NCEAS, Santa Barbara, CA (2005), and is an editor for Ecology Letters. Ferenc started his collaboration with COSBI (Trento, Italy) in October 2008. He is now at Balaton Limnological Institute Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Marco Scotti

Marco Scotti got the PhD in theoretical ecology from the University of Parma and is currently working as Senior Researcher at GEOMAR, in the Marine Ecology Division – Research Unit Experimental Ecology. He is interested in the application of network theory to study complex systems, and his current research mainly focuses on better understanding the consequences that global warming has on the structure and the stability of marine food webs. During the career he co-authored papers on different topics, ranging from social science to molecular biology. He maintains a rich network of collaborators in different countries and participates for the third consecutive year as instructor at the Summer School in Parma.